Jul 15, 2009

The Guardian

Okay, so I'm stuck between Accounting & Finance and International Business & Management for my Bachelor. I do like Accounting, but not sure about Finance. I did it before and it took quite some time for me to fully understand it. And suddenly International Business caught my attention, since working in a international company has been my dream =)

But I'm not that sure of what I'm gonna be later if I take International Business. Coz A&F (ok this way is much easier lol) sounds more guaranteed? And the subjects are more difficult too. But I'm afraid that I'll get bored one day and that won't be a good sign.

Arghhh I'm so confusedddd.. OH and one more thing is that if I changed to IB&M, I gotta pay S$535 for administration fee coz I have applied A&F for my student pass. Man, $535!! I'd better pay my rent! lol. Crazy school.. It's because last time this course was terminated when I entered so I didn't know that this course actually existed. But well, my parents said it's better to pay rather than not enjoying the course later.

Oh oh! Yesterday I took some test to help me to make a decision which major that I have to choose. And the result is.......


Well, I don't know why the call it The Guardian but believe it or not, from what they say about this character, it's soooo true!

The positive sides are: natural leaders (o really? lol), loyal, hard-working and dependable, have a clear set of standards and beliefs which they live by, excellent organizational abilities, enjoy creating order and structure (haha), driven to fulfil their duties, take their commitments very seriously and seek lifelong relationships. (Owh yeahhhhh XDD)

And the negative sides are: tendency to believe that they are always right, tendency to need to always be in charge, impatient with inefficiency and sloppiness (this one is so true! XD), not naturally good at expressing their feelings and emotions (yep yep), tendency to be materialistic and status-conscious (HAHA guys don't be scared, i'm not materialistic, it's just a tendency :P)

I wish that I could write it here but it's too long. 3 pages O.O

But at the end, came back to myself again, need to choose on my own. =.=

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