Jul 29, 2009


Yesterday was.. AAAHHHHHHHH~~~~

*sorry I still couldn't believe that it really happened XD*

Ok, so the venue kinda surprised me a bit at first, no wonder people kept asking on the internet about age limit, but well they did ask my IC and stuff and I was afraid that I couldn't go in! But I did heehee.. after buying the latest album for the autograph session (that was the best part XD), we were complimented by a free soft drink haha. Total time of waiting was about one hour BUT it was worth it (as usual xD)

I got most of the songs recorded and believe me, she looked heavenly GORGEOUS. No wonder someone is crazy about her, aHHEM..*wink* ;P

As a start, the guitarist and the keyboardist, Stan! (haha i still remember his name lol) played the intro but I thought it was just a music from the speaker! lol. And suddenly she just came out to the stage and KYAAAA =D She also told us some of her stories about her songs. I wish I could compose songs as well as she does haa~

Oh after an hour, (we thought) it was finished and the people were like WE WANT MORE! LOL. Then she came back! Haha it was already planned maybe (I love when they do that XD) And she sang Umbrella and Say It Again. Sooo nicee^^

Ok and the last best part was.... the autograph session! I was so nervous! And Pin was like "umh umh what should I say?" LOL.

I was kinda speechless too so I wish that I could've talked with her more! And I forgot a hug from her! AGHHH. But I got my CD and poster signed anyway hee.. It was the first time being with a Hollywood artist that CLOSE and she was so niceee~~ :)

It could've been more perfect if my bro MUNDO (lol) came together so I could see him getting nervous and excited to see his BABY~~ haha riighhtt? ;)

She embraced me! KYAA! Omg I look so ugly beside her, the title should be : Princess Vs nobody hahaa.

I think if I meet Hilary Duff or Diego or Belinda, I would faint at the spot. X)


Yee said...

wow. nice pic man. and i ll slap u if u say bad thing abt urself again. =) anyway, great to knw tt u had a fun. =PP

.:JoaNNa:. said...

haha thanks! oh but thats the truthhhh~~~ lol :P

Yee said...

NOOOO. its not the truth. u just imagined only. xD

.:JoaNNa:. said...

IT IS hahaa X)

G3r4rd said...

HAHA! quoting Yee's reply *and i ll slap u if u say bad thing abt urself again. =)* except for the slap part. ill think of an alternative for that =)) YAYYYYYY!!!!!! gonna meet her today :D:D:D:D oh btw if im not online for the next days, that means i fainted k? hahahah jk xP

G3r4rd said...

oh btw you guys make perfect sisters! ill work on the proposal today k? =))))))

.:JoaNNa:. said...

LOL XD. *yeeyee's too cruel, wanna slap me hiakshiaks* XP oh ok hahaha i know you'll be away for the next days since ure gonna propose todayyy woohoo~ hahaa so GO GERARD! i cant wait to be her sis! XP and Im gonna contact an EO soon :PP have fun today :))

Yee said...

fine fine. if you say bad things about yourself then i will um.. seduce you with my most seductive way? o_O ok. it won't freak you out, right? xDDDD

.:JoaNNa:. said...

OK, deal xDD