Jul 21, 2009

Luvly weekend with Luvs =D

- chatting, talking, sharing, heart-to-heart moments :)
- went to church *long mass zzz :P
- dinner, got back home and watched P.S I love you while snacking =P great movie!
'kick mine (ass) in english!' LOL


- went off to Safari *jam jam*
- checking out the animals *car windows being licked off by reindeers and friends XD
Zebbry~~sorry we didnt buy you guys carrots :P
- saw the sea lion and birds show

- visited my PENGUINS =DD *felt like sticking around forever XD

- checked out some more animals at the zoo
- went back *mom turned pale due to excessive smell of horses' poo LMAO
- romantic dinner lol
- got home, exhausted.
drunk and dead. lol jk she was just...dead. XDD
writing a farewell letter for her friend but got annoyed by me XPP

- chaaaaatttiiinnnggg :)
- slept till evening after my luvs went back home
late birthday gifts from luvs~ love them! ;))

My penguin family~~ 3 are not here tho :P


Yee said...

omg. o_o you gave birth to many many penguins man. omg. o_o

.:JoaNNa:. said...

lol yeahhh i love my babieeesss ;D

Yee said...

LOLOLOLOL. is it painful to give birth to them? o_o xD xD