Jul 10, 2009

I'm home^^

I'm homeeee and I'm illllll =.=
Got a very bad sorethroath since last Thursday and now it's added with cough, cold, headache and a bit fever. gyaaaaa~
I went to see a doctor yesterday, felt really nervous. Really didn't want to hear him saying things like, "Oh, it's H1N1 Virus." But luckily it's nottttttt hahahahahaaaa~
Okay the medicine effects made my brain doesn't work well LOL.
Yesterday, me n darlings were chatting on the phone. 3lines! Hahaha it was fun, though my voice sounded really bad lol.
Too bad I'm still sick now, otherwise we would've gone out today or tomorrow..
Mom said that I only can go out starting Tuesday onwards -.-
OH! Finally Pingu met his twin!
Okay the right one is the current one that always accompanies me^^ and the left one is the twin!
I still can't believe how fat it was around 12 years ago and now the current one is so skinny and old haha and the fur is no longer soft. But I still love him so much! =D
Oh oh, and yesterday I went to my cousin's wedding and I don't think he remembered me lol. The bride was tiny! Though she was already wearing super high heels but I was still taller (I was wearing medium heels heehee). And I met my new nephew! I didn't even attend my other cousin's wedding and now she's got a 4-months baby and he's sooooo cuteeee. He's so fair, his skin is sooo soft and the cheeks! So bouncy! Hahaha. I was gonna steal him away from her lol. Next time I should take a picture of him =)
Ok mom's calling for lunch. Adios! Pray for me so I'll get well soon! >,<


G3r4rd said...

Glad that it's not a major sickness! and Like what i said earlier, hope you feel better soon and ill pray for you! :) Oh btw hi Joanna's Pingus! seems like they're getting along well! :P

.:JoaNNa:. said...

thanks! haha they also said hi back! :P

G3r4rd said...

:) hahaha! :P