Jul 9, 2009

I'm back!

Wooh! It was a long flight and I'm sooo tired~~
and it was delayed! ugh..
China trip was okay overall, had some moments when I felt so left out and got pretty annoyed by someone's attitude but it was all good :)
Tomorrow I'm finally going back home!
I feel kinda sick of airplanes now haha~
Okay, off to bed now.
Oh, Yee yee sorry I didn't message you yet, though I'm in Malaysia now. My credit is limited and since tomorrow I'm leaving I don't wanna top it up heehee~ gonna contact you when I arrive Jakarta kay?
Ugh I feel itchy now, too much seafood these days! lol.
Alright good night loves~ <3


Yee said...

haha. its ok. i m happy to hear tt u had a fun in china~ =D =D and kick that (someone)'s ass la. LOL. okay okay. chat with u if i have an OPPORTUNITY. xD xD

.:JoaNNa:. said...

haha okay girl =)