Oct 7, 2009

October Picks

DKNY Jeans : Femme by Hilary Duff

My favorites :)

This extreme skinny jeans are so extremely skinny! (duh) i dont like wearing skinny jeans but what i love about this one is there are zippers that go very high (u cant really see from the pic) which are very cool! instead of skinny jeans, im looking for leggings that have super high zippers too ;)

So yesterday I went to DKNY Jeans to ask about this line, they didnt have it! Agh! And one of the staff said some of the pieces sold in the website are not sold here :( I want this top so bad, it has Hil's faces on it! xD

Hil's wearing the shirt that she designed :) She looks flawless in this photoshoot. Perfect :)

This piece can be worn in many ways. Smart Hilary :D

This blazer looks awesome. The extra (purple) sleeves are so in now ;)

Vintage meets hip-hop! (Teen Vogue)

Teen Choices '09

Taken a while back ago, here is my top 3 best dressed :)

Emma Roberts

Ashley Tisdale

Kristen Stewart

Crazy for booties!

I'm so getting a pair of these. Christmas sales <3 id="gwProxy" type="hidden">

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