Oct 11, 2009

Un parte de mi vida

My world now is full of latin soap operas that I used to watch long time ago.

When I listened to the songs again, I remembered myself as a middle school student who reached home, straightaway turned on the TV and put the max volume when any songs being played (and sometimes danced along with it LOL). My eyes would focus on nothing but the TV.
My mom would bring lunch upstairs so I could eat while watching. yay.
The bad thing that I realized few years later is that I would finish everything that was on the plate coz my attention was all on the show! To make the matter worse, I took a nap right after the show/lunch. :O So yeah I was like a fatty telenovela geek. Maybe now still? X)

I had been doing it since I was in 3rd grade, all the way till the last year of middle school. Happy me :P
There was 1 telenovela that my mom also liked, so everytime I missed it my mom would 'replay' it :D
The shows were all dubbed though, that's why I was so happy when I got the soundtrack albums of some of the shows.
But I really hated when the shows were discontinued suddenly :( UPSET TO THE MAX :(
I think it was already a part of my life.
I remember when I brought the song lyrics to school to share with my "gang".
I was like the "teacher" coz I know how to pronounce the words heehee ;)
Every person in school that was my classmate before would know me as a telenovela holic or mexican holic LOL. (well, that was most of them wrote in my farewell papers.)

Now I see the actors are all grown up. For the guys, the voice has changed, and turned into very good stuff. XD
Among my old friends, I think I'm the only one who still like these actors. Im pretty amazed by myself X)
And this is the very first reason why I love spanish <3

(forgive me if this topic is lousy)


Ciao! -Jo xx

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