Oct 15, 2009


I know we do some of these sometimes.
When we're tired, disappointed, or.. i dont know, exhaling? Yeah.
But there are times that we should hold back, especially in front of people that you're interacting with.
My mom also said that we shouldn't do this while eating.
If we do it it's like we don't appreciate the food.
The same thing goes to the other things.
Like when a teacher is teaching, a student sighs super loud, it's like he/she doesn't appreciate the teacher at all.
How would the student feel if he/she was the teacher?
And also when people talk.
If a person does that while the other hasn't ended the conversation, it is considered rather rude and impolite.
I think it's very very impolite.
I simply hate it.

Oh, and I also dislike demanding people.

-the free spirited chic


Yee said...

lol. did someone do that(sighing) infront of you? so u hate it?

.:JoaNNa:. said...

not just someone, but people. and its not only to me, i also hate when they do to others -.- is it just normal or am i overreacting? lol