Oct 12, 2009

Uno de los dias normales

Ok, so I knew that I was gonna have a morning class today.
I texted a friend to make sure about the time last night but I waited too long and she hadnt reply me yet. I was planning to sleep early so I could wake up energetically tomorrow.
Then I just turned off my phone coz it was late already.
I went to sleep.
Did you realize what's missing here?


Yep I forgot to set the freaking alarm and as a result, I woke up late.
I woke up like 8.45 when the class was supposed to start at 8.30.
I thought I was doomed.
I prepared myself quickly (oh and i showered=P) and took a cab.
Peak hour charge. Bad luck.
Actually my friend texted me that the class started late but I was late still.
How stupid I was, no wonder when I woke up the sun was so bright already.
I was like oh shit! lol.

Oh, and when me and friends were walking to the canteen, my friend found lost money on the floor. She was like oh yay im so lucky!
Then I said, 'you should give it to the student service or something'.
Then she said, 'who would go to the student service to look for lost money?'
I was like, well it's up to you, youre the one who found it but for me I don't take lost money (on the floor).
Then she looked like kind of disturbed or maybe she just didnt like my opinion coz it made her feel bad.
I mean, if it was my case i'd better ignore it like i didnt see anything coz if i took it i would be confused who i should give to.
The point is I wouldnt take or use other people's money just like that.
After that i think she still kept it, I didnt wanna bring it up again, it's up to her.
I felt that she was like ignoring me for a while but afterwards she turned normal again so yeah.

It's AFTERNOON class tomorrow! HAHA.
I can wake up late for real this time lol.

Oh, umm this is random, but I keep remembering the food from NewYork NewYork that I had last Saturday.
My classmate from spanish class treated me! Awesome ;)
Well, she's working so yeah heehee.
Gracias amiga!
Maybe when I can earn my own $ later I would go to this kind of restaurants more often =P
and tell you what, the portions there were HUGE. no kidding.
and they were yummehh! gonna go there again next time with bunch of friends ;)


-Jo xx

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