Feb 25, 2010

Us, Ourselves and We

I had one of the best sleepovers ever! On the first day we made a birthday cake for my friend, Cindy. It didn’t turn out so perfect but we had a good time making it! At night, we started our very own ‘party’ and it was a blast! Thumbs up for silly outfits? LOL


Happy birthday darling C!



Being mean felt good ;)

  P2220442 P2220447

P2220461 On the second day we spent our day shopping and watched a DVD at night. Case 39! It was pretty good ;)

P2230467 P2230478

Today we had a chocolate fondue and made some chocolate cornflakes. Yummm!

P2230471She’s got her “sisters” done as a birthday present. LOL!


The fun is over, we made some silly videos of us trying to pop the balloons by sitting on them. Man, it was hard! So pen was the solution.

Gonna sleep earlier tonight coz I slept really late for 2 nights. So.. good night! ;)

xo, Jo


Anonymous said...

haahahah! I love it!

Jezebel said...

Hahah! Looks like you had so much fuuun <3
Sleepovers are the BEST xxx
Bonnie xxx

Anonymous said...

thank you <3
i appreciate that alot :)

Froso said...

OMg, i love those pics, you really seem to be having fun! You look lovely in that headband! Kisses!

Anonymous said...

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