Feb 2, 2010

Latin Highlights!

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Last week i had a video chat with Belinda! Well, of course with the other fans too :P  actually i didnt know that there would be a chat that day (im mostly up-to-date only for Diego haha) but God knows that i love her so much so… heehee. Oh my, she looked SO pretty :):) her cute brother was there too! They were in L.A and i think they’re still there till this moment. She showed us the first look of her new album, Carpe Diem. The release is being delayed again :/ this time to 23rd of march. i really CANT WAIT to get it! i probably would be one of the first people buying it through Amazon! For those of you who are wondering who she is, take a look at her biography here. Oh, if any of you have watched the Disney’s movie Cheetah Girls 2, she’s the spanish girl there!

And the next one is…


mi angel de amor, Diego! LOL

He’s got a role in the TV series 90210! Read the article here.  Oh, and one more quick random fact, he’s the love interest of Miranda Cosgrove’s in her music video ‘About You Now’. The news said that he’s gonna release his english album soon! *screaming uncontrollably*

Joanna hearts these two peeps ;)

P.S I wanna go to L.A so bad! Belinda, Diego, Hilary Duff, Joe Brooks, everyone is there! Aaahhh!

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Elaine said...

LOL! YOu're so cute ;) that's great you were able to chat with her!