Feb 9, 2010

Go Preppy

My Spanish teacher has a similar (or maybe the same) scarf like the one in the picture! (left above) I want one as well!

I’m so digging these tights!

FAQ: I have a pair of knee-high socks just like the striped ones in the picture, wore them once, feeling weird, after getting off from the taxi they became leg warmers LOL

These photos were taken for the 2009 Fall & Winter Collection for a brand named 47Street. It’s an Argentinean brand, I suppose. I’m aware that now it’s the starting of spring already, but I just love this collection! I wanted to post this last year but somehow things came up and I just forgot about it. Always happens!

I know this brand because I love the main model in this photoshoot (the first 4 photos)! Well actually she’s an actress-singer but she’s been a part of 47Street for… so long. haha. Luisana Lopilato, just in case you want to know her name ;) Isnt she gorgeous? I was (and still am!) addicted to one of her telenovelas called Rebelde Way. If you heard about the Mexican telenovela Rebelde, well the Argentineans actually did it first. I love originals ;)

I did my first exam today. 1 down, 2 more to go. I’m supposed to be studying now but I think my brain needs some rest after squeezing it for 3 hours today. and it told me to blog! haha good choice, brain. (???) Ok maybe I need to get some sleep.

Hope y’all have a good week! I can’t wait for the exam period to be overrrrr!

xo, Jo


Froso said...

I hope everything will be fine with your exams darling! Two more lessons and you will enjoy your break! Great photoshoot, I am waiting though for the spring collections! Kisses

Elaine said...

These are so cute and so inspiring! It's fun to be a little preppy sometimes ;)


Marta Castellanos said...

Hi!!Love the pictures, love all the clothes! And I love too Luisana Lopilato!I used to be hooked to that tv program years ago!Thanks for sharing and for commenting in my blog!xoxo


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Awesome photos!! Now I want to dress like one! xoxoxo

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Gorgeous photos! I wanna be preppy now. Lol. :P

Ash Fox said...

awesome look book! i'm following your blog!


Megs said...

Great blog :) Just stumbled across it and I love it. The pictures are to die for! So perfectly my style! Also, I take it you are from Argentina? That is awesome! My husband lived there for two years there and I am dying to have him take me back! Maybe someday when we have a titch more money.

I love the post at the bottom with your outfit that you wore. It is so adorable and comfortable looking! I have a scarf almost exactly like that. It's a wonderful wardrobe piece! Keep up the great blogging and I'm sure I'll keep checking back!! Definitely following!

Love, Meg


The Goddess of Boho said...

I LOVE these pictures!
lovely blog u have there :)

Maria said...

wow I love this style!! Great post

kumar said...

very sweet

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I love, love, love each and every one of these looks. I either need to recreate them myself, or simply buy the entire collection!! :)