Feb 2, 2010

Just Stand Up

P1300212A quick shot from last Sunday. I’m pretty lazy dressing up these days, due to exams maybe, so I’ll just throw casual (boring?) pieces everytime I go out. Except for the bag and bracelet, I got everything from different department stores..in different countries. lol. so it’s acceptable to forget the names and brands ;)

Nowadays I cant stop listening to..

I know it’s not a new song, but the lyrics are so inspirational. When I watched this video for the first time, I realized that a couple of singers or more from the original recording are not here, instead there’s Nicole from Pussycat Dolls joins the performance. I just wish that ahhem*miley*ahhem could be replaced by someone else :P still great song though!

P1300213Oh, and yes, I found this drawing (again) in my HR book :P i promise this is the last one! This looks weird though, the legs look unbalanced with the body hahaa. So as I mentioned earlier I’ve been busy studying for exams so I wont be able to blog that often until the exam period is over. By then I’ll be blogging in another country! haha. I’ll try my best to post more outfit posts as I’ll ask one of my parents to take pictures for me haha.

Study week is always dull and boring, so I hope that yours will be better than mine! :D

Oh, the next post would probably be the list of favorite outfits from the Grammys!

xo, Jo

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Froso said...

I love that bag, the gold chain makes it look hot!