Feb 9, 2011

And your lips are mine, they’re raspberry wine (TT#33)


Such a cute video, love it :)

over the lights of sunset and vine
we're floating away from the fortune and fame
and your lips are mine, they're raspberry wine
your body's a map i will follow into the sky
cause what you got is all that i want
and still that's not enough, it's not enough

cause we're on fire walking love's highest burning wire
helium hearts we're falling skyward
we're never coming down
we're so high the city below gets small and quiet
every breath just makes us lighter
we're never coming down...

the further we go we're losing our clothes
one shoe at a time thrown over the side
like our fears and doubts we cast them out
till nothing is left and we're standing together now
cause what we got is all that we want
and that's always enough, enough for us


I was thinking to post this song next Tuneful Tuesday on Valentine’s week but then I remembered that I should post my most favorite love song instead ;) So stay tuned!


LOL sorry for the caps, I literally said it with full of excitement haha!

I’m so pumped!! Gonna post about it soon!

xo, Jo

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