Feb 15, 2011

Nothing’s gonna tear us apart (TT #34)


My favorite love song of all-time!

I basically love all the songs in this movie <3 The BEST Disney movie ever!!

We were strangers, starting out on a journey
Never dreaming what we'd have to go through
Now here we are, I'm suddenly standing
At the beginning with you
No one told me I was going to find you
Unexpected, what you did to my heart
When I lost hope, you were there to remind me
This is the start

And life is the road and I wanna keep going
Love is the river I wanna keep flowing
Life is the road, Now and forever
Wonderful journey
I'll be there when the world stops turning
I'll be there when the storm is through
In the end I wanna be standing at the beginning with you

We were strangers, on a crazy adventure
Never dreaming how our dreams would come true
Now here we stand, unafraid of the future
At the beginning with you

I knew there was somebody somewhere
Like me alone in the dark
Now I know that my dreams will live up
I've been waiting so long
Nothing's gonna tear us apart

valentine_largeHope you all had a sweet Valentine’s day!

Mine? 6 hours of Management Accounting and a girls’ date (Carl’s Junior, pauseless chat, and dancing in the supermarket) :p

Til’ next time! :)

xo, Jo


Froso M. said...

I did nothing in Val. day, but cleaning up the house and messing up with my beauty routines. I do not really like that day, so I was happy to be a single girl! Many many kisses sweetheart!

Renee B. said...

Ah yes, this song is so magical. Adore.

Happy Valentines Day lovely!

btd. said...

I've been looking for this song! I adore it! :)

Angelina said...

this song is magical, indeed!
though this day doesn't really mean something special for me..

Abi said...

Such a sweet post. A very lovely song, I could listen on repeat all day