Feb 2, 2011

So let's dance until we die (TT #32)

Kimberly Caldwell! This is officially my new favorite song! Love her hair in this music video :)

Kiss kiss
Kiss tomorrow goodbye
This is gonna be a late night
Get get
Up and let it go
We've got the right to
Take this party over
Changing up the sound
Check your ego it's all a blur
Desperate boys and stupid girls

Here are some pics from my friend's birthday party last week. Overall it was fun, but it would've been better if we chose another place since the place we went was FULL of perverts! Eww! Desperate boys...

1st hour:

2nd hour:Birthday boy posing mermaid style.Typical squid face.
Align Center3rd hour:Passed out. LOL.
Chinese New Year in 2 days!! Pumped! :D
Have a great week!
xo, Jo


Marta Castellanos said...

Seems that you had a great time!!lol!! xx


btd. said...

Such cute pictures! ^_^

Abi said...

Nice tune! Looks like you all had a lovely time