Feb 13, 2011

I was enchanted to meet you <3

Taylor Swift concert, Feb 9 2011


A couple of the pics below was ripped from the net lol. I guess you can tell by the quality.


Let the pictures SPEAK NOW:)


Pretty face, cute voice, gorgeous dresses, beautiful curly hair = TAYLOR :)


Fave songs of the night: Sparks Fly, Enchanted, and Long Live!! :D:D


This pic is when she went to the middle of the crowd and performed at a little stage. *head spins*


Full house! But my seat was too far :/ it was still awesome though!


She changed her dress like 5 times lol. Love them all!

180650_10150116218753257_576513256_6187472_1859849_n   There were tears in the corner of her eyes, being amused of the wild crowds! Oh Taylor, we love you too!!


Didn’t have time to make posters and such, so why don’t we just make friends with those who did? :P

182453_10150116222738257_57651m3256_6187544_2013635_n   182045_10150116222863257_576513256_6187546_3608843_n

Fun night! It would’ve been better if my concert buddy was there though. Miss you, bro!

What was the best concert you have ever been to??

xo, Jo


Froso M. said...

Love your smile in these pictures, you seem to really have had an amazing time!

Renee B. said...

Jealous!!! Love Taylor Swift!!

Hmmm I think my favorite was Lady Gaga, in terms of the show, but Bon Jovi steals my heart every time! :)