Jan 31, 2009

busy weekend

In the dawn, I heard something weird. I thought it was a dream but it was real. My roommate came back after she went out at midnight with her friends *clubbing* and I just couldn't get a nice,quiet sleep. She's been out and not coming home lately. whatever.
I had my spanish class (curso de espanol) *gyahaha*, and I started to learn "stuff". So now I almost understand all the basics *yeah babeh*.lol. oh, there was this conversation during break:
jolin: are you a model?
tracy: no..?
jolin: really? cuz i think saw your picture somewhere.
tracy: ohh, maybe it was *something something*. im only doing part-time. actually i did for citibank, i became a mother, young mother, haha..and my "son" is like mixed, so cute.
joanna: *freaking surprised,but understood cuz she looks like 24 though actually she's only 18*
jolin: *interested* did you ever do like really modelling stuff, like in articles?
tracy: oh yeah, but i don't think it's out yet.
jolin: oh! so when will it be out?
*y la conversacion continua por un tiempo hasta mi profesora, natalia, entra en la clase*yeah..lol.
when the class was over, jolin was like following her and asking stuff like "what are u gonna do now?" cuz she seems like enjoy making friends with the pretty and matured ones only.
I went to vivo city with my housemate in the evening. At first the point going there was to ask about contact lenses for me. Acuvue just launched the new one for astigmatism but too bad for me, my right eye's power of astigmatism is too high so I only could use the ones from Bausch & Lomb. I tried before and they weren't that good and super expensive, so I guess I'll wait til Acuvue gets more high-tech, lol. When I tried for the first time in KL, the lady gave me free for trial and I was supposed to buy after,but I moved to singapore,so I enjoyed the free trial,sorry optical lady ^^""
Craving for deoboggi (korean rice cake) for many days but havent been fulfilled yet.

- went to church in the morning
- afterwards straightaway met up my housemate, grabbed lunch in subway and bought groceries
- came back home, *tired condition, after bringing the heavy grocery bags*, surfing internet for a while
- went to the same place again to meet an agent for viewing a room, going by car (luckily)
- less than an hour, went back to the same place again(!) to meet another agent
- (no private transport this time), walked to survey the first place
- visited and walked back to take train to survey the second place (actually it's the same place again after all,lol)
- visited the second place, afterwards the agent asked me to have dinner together (her treat!)
- had a dinner and chit-chat in mcd (she was nice and looked like 24 though she's actually turning 32! *i just can't guess singaporeans age,always get tricked* after all, i like her!)
- went back home, finally..
pheww, what a day!

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