Jan 29, 2010

la luna llena


the sky is clear lately

as i peek out from my window

a giant crystal is shining through the pine trees

so luminous, it beats the shines of the city lights

when it’s getting late, it keeps going up,

till the highest point in the sky

under the same sky, across the ocean, a friend is in need

when she poured her story, my cup was spilled

what a shame that i couldn't do much for her

a best friend should’ve done better than this

hope she can see the giant crystal too

may it lead her way while she’s lost in the dark

oh God, listen to my prayers



Elaine said...

Great picture and quote!~


Diya said...

hey! just wanted to let you know that I've just added you to my blog list. :) you can double check if you want.

btw, love that poem