Jun 2, 2009


What a short day..
I didn't do well on my test.. 15 out of 20. -.-
I wish I could get a full mark hoaahhhhh..
Teacher gave back us the paper after the test. His brain is amazing that he could mark them super fast. For your information, the class in not a small one. :P
It's been a while since I came back home right after school. I need a rest!
I don't understand of people who look so free whereas they haven't even started the assignment that is due the day after tomorrow.
"Hey, wanna watch a movie?", "Let's grab some McDs!"
And I'll be like =_=""
That's how they live a life. XD
I've been watching videos of PS22 Chorus. They're adorableeee~

One of their videos. I think this one is the best ;)

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