Jun 8, 2009

Diego esta soltero! <3

GYAAAAA! Diego's english is so good~~! ^^
He guided the friend, Elliot to say 'estoy soltero y busco novia' but the friend said 'nobria' and then he was like 'what is it?' LOL~~xDDDD
and it's supposed to be 'chicas' instead of 'gigas' HAHAHA. No wonder Diego smiled after that. So funny! XD Son muy guapos! XDDDD

And u know what, there will be a video chat with Diego on June 22nd evening! But in Singapore it will be the next morning and it's the day of my exam! And it's in the morning! NOOOO! I'll miss the chance =(( What should I dooo? AGHHHHHHH.

All the best for your exams Diego!! Muchos besos tambien! XDD

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