Jun 1, 2009

Time flies :)

Hey, it's June!
Can't you believe that it's already in the middle of the year?
Time goes by sooo fast and I'm also getting older -.- -.-
Sometimes I feel like I'm still 15 or 16 whereas I'm turning 18 this year, aarrhhh.
Maybe it's because I didn't have that 'Sweet 17 big party' unlike my girlfriends in Indonesia.
Looking back at their pictures in hotels or fancy restaurants with pretty dresses and loads of friends, makes me feel like hey if I was back home I would've done this!
I still feel somewhat sad if I think of the fact that I couldn't attend my bestfriends' birthday parties.
Woot! Ok why am I being so gloomy in the morning? Hahaa XP
I'm going to China embassy later and gonna study after class for the test tomorrow!
Wish me luck!
Oh did I tell ya that I finally finished the assignment yesterday? Woohoo~! XDD

Besos <3

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