Jun 13, 2009

"Teardrops" on my pillow

It was 12 midnight, I was lying on my bed with eyes wide opened, trying to get some sleep.
I changed my position a lot and eventually stuck in one position, till I felt a drop of liquid rolling on my cheek.
"Am I weeping?" I wondered. I was in the situation whereby weeping was truly accepted and reasonable.
I wiped my 'tear' and it felt sticky.
I looked at my hand, and it was brownish.
I turned on the light and saw myself like in a horror movie.
I looked the blood spot in the mirror. It was gushing out, like a spring water.
The tissues couldn't even handle it.
It was scary.
It was disgusting.
My hands were covered in blood as if I had killed someone.
I sat down on my bed, gave some time for the scar to stop bleeding and thinking how this could happen. I swear I didn't scratch this time. I was completely awake.
I got my nose band-aided and tried to clean the "teardrops" on my pillow.
I changed my shirt, felt disgusted with what I was wearing before.
I went back to sleep and at the meantime I heard water dropping from the air-cond.
It wasn't the first time but it just reminded me again of what had happened earlier.
It couldn't stop but I just ignored it and prayed hard, hoping that this would be the last time to happen.
In my prays, I fell asleep.


Yee said...

=___= you sounded like you are in the horror movie. btw, is it real?! O___O i hope you ll be alright. =.= it really freaked me out. >o<

.:JoaNNa:. said...

I know right? and yeah we're talking about something REAL here. tell me about it, it freaked me out to death! but it's okay now. thanks for caring ;)