Jun 24, 2009

Buenos dias

I saw the watch and I got up from my bed.
Giddy. That's how I felt.

There were some little boys in a shop. It was a nice shop. The boys were messing around and the father scolded them. I don't know them.

My parents, my aunts and myself were in a furniture shop. There were fancy couches, tables and lamps. They were like "Can we sit here? Some couches don't have the 'Do-not-sit' sign so it means we can, right?" Then they sat down and chattered.

I was in a place with a rail on the ground. It wasn't a station. It was more like a tram rail and the environment looked old, like in the 19th or 20th century. There were some old friends and a friend approached me. He looked just like 9 years ago when the last time I saw him. I remembered his last name.

I was walking in a hallway. I passed by a door and glanced at someone. I stopped my steps and walked back. He was standing against a wall, with the similar suit and hairstyle like the last time I saw him. He looked at me and his mouth was opened. Mine too, and I cried "Davi!" But a big guy suddenly brought him away saying, "Let's go, the concert has started." He walked away without looking.
I continued walking and met my friend, Sakti, together with his siblings, outside the building. Again, he still looked like last time I saw him. He was there to watch the concert. I went out, walked through a familiar road.

It's a beautiful morning with the chill breeze coming through the window.
Good morning.


Yee said...

wow. davi. LOL. is he the same? and sakti? awww. one year already. T.T time flies. T.T

.:JoaNNa:. said...

umm you know that it was only a dream right? lol he looked the same in the dream but he looks TOTALLY different now. check his fb and u'll be like O.O lol

Yee said...

wth. dream?! O___O i tot its for real. =x well well i ll go check his fb. wait... i dun hv his fb. xD xD LMAO. how r u now? long time no chat! >.<

.:JoaNNa:. said...

oh ok haha. alright i think i'll go online tonight. the exams are over! so yeah we'll talk soon =)