Jun 15, 2009

Great weekend!

I had the best weekend so far!
On Saturday I went to the Electone Festival and it was awesome ;)
The competition section's contestants were just great!
There was 1 Indonesian joined and he won for the open age category! But he'll represent Singapore later in Asia Pacific Electone Festival held in KL. Singapore is lucky!
There was a couple of moments when he was like slapping the keys and no slips! And again, for those kinds of moments, my jaw dropped down. :O two-thumbs up! I'd give more if I had more than 2! XD haha.
And I loved 1 kid who played in the Junior Entertainment Section. He was sooo cute~~ and he won the grand prix for that section! That's my boy! XDD

Okay, and the next day I went for the Crackers! It was full of surprises and I loved that! Never did I see such wonderful fireworks that close. It was better than a new year! Hahaa.
Ok I was supposed to upload some videos here but it just couldn't -.- So just check my facebook later, will upload there soon ;)

A good start to begin the study week :P
agghhhh exams!

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