Jun 5, 2009

It's tomorrow! =)

I'm excited for tomorrow! But kind of nervous at the same time..hope everything goes well ;) Today we had a small rehearsal and it was the first time I got to see the other students of my teacher's ;) there was one student who was going to perform 2 songs. Not fair! I thought everyone's got to play a song only. and he was like umm..kinda cocky? Whatever, anyway his songs are quite easy I supposed. I also can play them! Hahaaa XD But seriously, some songs are simple and easy to play but thanks to the background music, it sounds to be more than just a simple song. Normally it applies to the lower grades ;P Oh, I also had a nice chit-chat with one of the students. We took the same bus to go home and we were talking about electone stuff. It feels good when I talk to people who do the same thing as I do as we know where the conversations go and get connected. Sometimes when I explain about electone or Spanish stuff to other people, take my parents XD they could understand for a period of time but later on they would say or ask things that actually I've already explained! -.-"" so yeahh hahaa it can't be helped. Oh and guess what! She took the exam before and didn't make it for twice! Ok actually I heard this situation before on another person but after knowing the fact that so many people failed this, I started feeling that actually I wasn't that bad. Is it wrong to say this? Well, my point is just that I know this grade is super hard and I still have another chance to make this successful, so yeah, hope I'll be more ready than ever on November! Alright I gotta go now, wish me luck for tomorrow! Hope the place won't be so cold, if it is, my temperature will fall twice than normal! And I will get sooo nervous till my fingers tremble :S , which is bad! But even that cocky guy's fingers trembled as well XDD Hope this 3rd performance of mine will turn out great!

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