Mar 12, 2010


Luisana! Again. How stupid that I just realized that she’s on a music video of his fiance’s, Michael Buble. Yep, they’re engaged. I’m not that happy about it because I heard Michael is sort player? (Michael’s fans please don’t beat me up!) But Lu looks so happy with him so I’m happy too! ;) Just don’t hurt her Michael, you hear me?!

By the way apparently I like this song :P


xo, Jo


Elaine said...

I LOVE Michael Buble!! :D He and his fiance look so great together!

Romany said...

I managed to get a copy of Buble's new album, and it wasn't as good as his older stuff. :( But this was definitely the best song on the album, so fun.
p.s. keep saving, we'll all have Chanel bags one day! :)