Mar 29, 2010

You made my day

P3260846 P3260855 P3270891

P3270880 P3270919

dress – random shop, cardigan – Cotton On, accessories - F21

I love this dress! It has adorable pictures like a collage on it and cute pockets on the sides. I’m also currently obsessed with flower accessories ;)

Just had a chat with Joe Brooks! It seems like I have so many chats with artists these days haha but this time I technically just saw his tweet and joined the chat. And guess what?! He mentioned my name!! He was making a random song with his guitar about the chat on Stickcam and he started mentioning the names and country regions that popped on the chat box. It was so awesome!! :DD

I’m currently busy packing now since I’m gonna move to a new flat this Wednesday. There’s so much to pack!

Have a wonderful week! It’s a holy week! ;)

xo, Jo


Anonymous said...

looks great! xoxo

Anonymous said...

you cutie :)
nice outfit :)

Froso said...

I love your headband AND you look really amazing in the last picture!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

This outfit is adorable! I love the flowly pretty cardigan and the flower in your hair is the perfect touch of loveliness. :)

Ash Fox said...

i love the photos as photos but the dress is blowing my mind!


anne said...

this outfit is so cute, i really like your dress :)

Selmaa said...

that dress is lovely! :)
i'm following you!

Elaine said...

Love the flower!

Enter to win a William Riera dress!

Marta Castellanos said...

You look so cute!So beautiful!I´m happy you still have your hands!!hehe, but actually I´m not sure about if the thing of loosing the hands if you don´t wear something new works only in Sevilla or in all the world!!hehehe.
Love your dress and your headband honey!xoxox

femmefashion said...

really like your blog !