Mar 13, 2010

If I were a season...

I would be spring.

Is it the time for me to come by yet?

47Street Spring-Summer 2010 Collection

I loooove the colors of this collection and the head accessories are absolutely adorable! I have a few of those and I simply love them! I just love everything about spring ;) Next time if I go to any of four-season countries again it HAS to be on spring!

I just got back from my spanish class and since I was off for 3 weeks (and didn’t revise at all), I forgot quite a lot of words, especialmente la gramatica, el preterito indefinido! Aaaghhh! Serious revision should be started soon. Today was fun though, I always leave the class with a big smile stretched on my face, in my mind I say “Let’s continue this! 2 hours is too quick for me!” :P

Hope you have a great weekend!

1 random question : Have you ever felt that you’re not having a busy week but weekend is already in front of your face? And a question like ‘what did I do this week?’ pops out of your head? Just asking..

Happens to me during holidays! LOL.

xo, Jo


Nanx said...

Makes me want summer even more. Great blog!

Nadiye said...

gehehe thank you for your comment :)
that;s not really my normal handwriting. this is my
i-write-as-slow-as-i-can-so-that-it-doesnt-look-like-shit- and then joined together like how i had to in primaairy school :P


priincess said...

this is an amazingg shoot! : ) lovee those photos! can't wait for summer now! : )

Claire St Juin said...

Spring is delicious :-D

meggasus said...

wow I love those pics! All the models look like they are having the best time in that shoot..I would def buy those clothes!

Rikst.♥ said...

Nice pics, nice collection! I'll follow you, would you follow me too?

xoxo Rikst.

Lisanne said...

What an amzing photo's
Love your blog.
follow eachother? I follow you!

Froso said...

I love spring too, not too hot, not too cold! Those pictures put me totally in the spring mood! Great photoshoot, full of inspiration!

That question never popped in my head, I don't know why! :-) Kisses lovely!