Mar 26, 2010

Show you the glam

BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(1) BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(4)

 BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(3) BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(2)

BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(5) BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(9)

BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(10) BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(11)

BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(8) BelindaPhotosCom_Glamour_Photoshoot_(6)

Belinda for Glamour Magazine

This photoshoot is obviously inspired by Alice in Wonderland, don’t you think so? Love it!

Yesterday I had a video chat with mi amor, Diego! LOL. Yes 2 chats with favorite artists in one week WHOO! :D And I had my Spanish exam today, it was pretty good too, so this week has been amazing! How about yours??

Oh and one more thing. My face is breaking out! It’s the allergy again..but I’ve been avoiding all the stuff that stimulates the allergy. Normally it gets better after a few days, but this time it has been a week! Any tips??

Have an amaaaazzzing weekend!!

xo, Jo

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