Mar 19, 2010

When lovers catch my attention…

my eyes desire, but my heart doesn’t


being an expert of giving advice to others,
myself lost in a riddle that can’t be figured


why does the conclusion seem to be a long way to go still?
the process in between is always the hardest part


tell me,

how’d you know that he’s the one?

I'm not yours everyday, around the way
No more car-hopping, chilling on the block, on your cell phone fronting
Never that, cause I'm not that kinda girl (no, not me)
I need to know how you roll, and how you get down, down
Drop my money in the bank, take me home to meet your Mama
Can you handle that, cause I'm that kinda girl
Now you ain't impressing me with your jewelry, your designer clothes
All the games that you try to play, think you need to know
I got my own, don't need you for your dough
Hearing me, maybe then we can flow, let me know
Make me smile, maybe we can chill
Keep it real
Show me something I can feel
Cause I'm not your average, ordinary type
Could you be the type of guy I like, I like
Everytime I be up in the spot, chillin' with my crew
We'll be hanging out, get in a little late
You start bugging out, I don't think it's fair (no fair)
You don't like the clothes I wear, how I do my hair
I don't really care, but it's not for you
And I don't got nothing to prove
There can't be any us, if there can't be any trust
Nothing to discuss (no doubt)
I'm not the kinda girl, to let you play me out
You might take me shoppin', but I'm not your property, oh baby
If I don't like it, I decide it
I can make it on my own, as long as we disagree to agree
Down for you and you're down for me, baby I'm what you want
And we can build a love that's so strong

xo, Jo


Glam Girl said...

Love the first picture with Belinda & Alfonso! I watch Cameleones when I have free time, and I love your post!

Elaine said...

What a sweet post!

Enter to win a women's Orient watch!

Froso said...

You never know sweetheart. Only time will show, and at that time you will be very old. So don't worry, it is very early, just take care of yourself and let love lead the way. I hope you will be happy with your choices, Kiss! (oh, and thanks for those wonderful music propositions, you made me fall in love with Digital crush - After Midnight Project)

Anonymous said...

sweet picture!!!!
love it!

Megs said...

Oh goodness this was such a wonderful post! Made me want to go and cuddle up with my sweetheart and wear ridiculously awesome clothes :)

But yes, how do you know if he's the one? Honestly that is such a hard question! It's different for everyone :) But believe me, the ride to get to that special moment when you do just know, is amazing!



Chasing Cherries said...

Lovely post!

priincess said...

the photos are so CUTEEE! <3 adorableeee!

Anonymous said...

I love those pictures! :D