Mar 21, 2010

Carpe Diem

Photoshoot for the new album, Carpe Diem. The album will be officially released next Tuesday! Weeee!Photoshoot for Gente magazine.
Check her out :

xo, Jo


Glam Girl said...

She's so beautiful and talented! I love Belinda! In my country Cameleones is on tv so I don't really know any web sites where u can find sub in english.Did u search on youtube? I find some episode in spanish, maybe u can find in english also! Good look!

Nadiye said...

Oh I love it ;)
she is so beautiful!
thank you for my comment sweets!
apperciate it alot :)

Ash Fox said...

the hair is amazing!


meggasus said...

I love this model's hair! my favorite photo is the one with the merry go round pony! such unique props!

Jezebel said...

Loving those pictures! x
I nominated you for my beautiful blogger award!
^^ Thats the link xx
Still loving the blog xx

Nubiasnonsense said...

Shes gorgeous that first dress is amazing!

nicoletta said...

so so beautiful picture!!!!!

Le Jardin said...

like these pictures.

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