Aug 5, 2009

It's been a year

Last year, around this date, I just started going to college. Omg I barely can feel that 1 year has passed! And I'm getting old! well duh. lol
I remembered when I was still in highschool, after the summer holidays ended and went back to KL again, when I was on the school bus on the first day of the new term I was thinking like last year I was sitting here as well, feeling nervous of new school and worrying about how the new friends would treat me. haha.
The feelings of here-i'm-back-in-my-independent-life-again always appear everytime the holidays are over. X)
Time flies super quickly.. but I still have another 3 years to go to complete my degree! haha

Oh today, I watched The Hangover and it was f---ing HILARIOUS! And they didnt cut or censor any parts of it! It's a crazy funny retarded movie HAHA :DD worth to watch XP

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