Aug 8, 2009

After we grew up..

I feel lazy to blog lately but I do have something to talk about.

First, recently primary school friends of mine whom I haven't met for ages started appearing on Facebook. Well I should say that they just found me so yeah. I was sooo surprised when my ex-bff in 3rd grade added me and we started giving comments. I remembered that she moved after 3rd grade to another school and since then we had lost contact. (cellphones weren't popular at that time and i didn't even have one yet :P) but i guess i called her house phone once and what i remembered was she sounded like didn't wanna talk to me and seemed to enjoy more her new school, so since that call i'm not bothered anymore. And apparently.. she still remembers me. "How can i forget my bestfriend in primary school?" she said. :))
She was pretty and is even prettier now. Back in 3rd grade i kinda admired her coz i think she got everything that a girl ever wanted. You know, a perfect girl kind of type :)
There was a time when she fell down on her knee. I forgot whether she was crying or not but the funny thing was a moment after that or maybe a day after she fell, i fell down on my elbow, lol. and it was an accident as well :P then we both had injuries and smiled :)

Ok and another friend from primary school is this guy who moved after 4th grade. I think he moved straightaway to U.S coz he's still there now. I remembered him as a tall, naughty kid but sometimes he had no friends to play with so he followed me and my friends haha. He was pretty nice actually, but it's just I was too shy to hang out with boys that time lol so I don't really have much memories of him. And now... he's got a 1-year old baby.
Me got shocked? Yes, REALLY.
Normally i'm not that surprised of the stories about teenagers having babies, maybe because i'm not that close or don't know at all about the person, but this one.. we were classmates for 2 years i guess, and in my mind his look is still like a 4th grader boy.. so.. i when i heard it i was like OMG i couldnt believe it. When i checked his fb he seems to have a pretty good life and not covering the fact that he has a child at all. I was kinda confused though, about which one the wife is lol, coz he seems to have pretty a lot of close female friends despite that his current gf should be called as his WIFE already. But from his pictures he doesnt look like a wild bad guy that normally smokes or drugs, so yeah maybe it was just some inevitable carelessness. I think he's pretty popular in his school, like in the movie 17 again XD. And I actually wanna see his baby :) oh and his wife's pretty hot xD

My college friends are in JB now, and 1 of them said they're still gonna have fun without me arrh! They're going clubbing tonight i suppose, and i'm here entertaining myself by watching a drama hahaa.

Today i slept a lottttt, too tired heehee. And I'm getting SO FAT.

Gonna post about fashion stuff soon! =D *it's been a while* :)

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