Aug 16, 2009

What a day

My aunt and her family came to Singapore and i was hanging out with them for the weekend. We went to clarke quay yesterday and took a river taxi. Everytime i go there flashbacks start. A lot of memories i have there with different people, including yesterday :)

And today we went to Singapore Science Center. I went once before during my 2week-homestay when i was a middle school student. Good times and good people. They're the ones who indirectly changed me. I thank them for that. I miss them :(
Oh and I met 3 old friends today. First, a middle school friend, I didnt get a chance to say hi to her, i dont know her well though so yea nevermind.

Then, when i was about to cross the road, a girl came to me and said "Joanna? Jo...anna..right?" and i swear to God I didnt remember her AT ALL. Her face looked familiar though but i just couldnt remember her name. Then we talked for a while, while we were crossing then ciao. she was like okay we'll talk again later! but i was wondering how we were gonna do that since i dont even have her fb yet. lol. its so weird. even few minutes after that i still couldnt remember where or how we know each other. "was she from the same primary school? middle school?" definitely not high school lol. THEN eventually i remembered she was my primary school friend. omg it was like centuries ago and we were not even close but she still remembered my face? it means i didnt change at all? actually i was told like that many times.

Ok and here comes the last person.
At first i was looking at her just because my eyes were simply looking over there,lol. i was looking at this girl, she was eating alone, then she caught my eyes and i looked away *woops she got me* lol.
Afterwards i was talking with my aunt or cousin then i looked at her again. She was with a guy now then i realized something. She looked like a friend in primary school *again* i know-.-
she glanced at me for a while but then looked away. *like what i did ha* then i was thinking to say hi to her later but i still wasnt sure whether she was the right person. sooo i didnt. :P

P.S I dislike and still dont know why this type of people exist:
One day i get introduced to her/him, we talk and hang out but the next day when we meet again she/he doesn't even look at me.
I love and have been wondering why this type of people rarely appear:
One day i get introduced to her/him, after talking for 5 minutes we look like have been friends for 5 years.
*it happens though but very RARE*
(btw this has nothing to do with the story above) lol

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