Aug 20, 2009

Being random

I have this weird feeling going on.
Hope I'm wrong.
And please don't.

Spanish exam AHHH!

10-days break will start tomorrow onwards and I have PLENTY of works to do.

Organ exam AHHH!

Can't wait for next Monday *evil laugh* XDD

To me, happiness never lasts long. There's always something breaking it in the midst. It's not that I'm being negative but well the truth seems to be that way. Or maybe I just haven't found my eternal happiness yet? Or maybe I just simply envy those people who seem to be the happiest people on earth. Speaking about eternal happiness, I would sure get one in heaven right? :)
Ok let's stop this it's getting awkward, I don't wanna die yet, lol.

*sorry if i get ya'll confused of this post, all stuff shown at once* =P


G3r4rd said...

LOL ok it started out fine xD Good luck with your Spanish and Organ exams! and have fun with your 10 day break! :P the rest im kinda confused lol xP but one thing's for sure, you will go to heaven :P and yeah just keep your head up high and you'll find your eternal happiness soon :)

Yee said...

mmm. i also believe that happiness never last longer. sigh. lol. oh ya. good luck for ur exams. =P u can do it. JIA YOU~ u ll get the good results la. dun worry. xD c ya~~~

.:JoaNNa:. said...

@Gerard: thanks! i had my spanish exam today and... i dont know what to say just see the results later haa.

@Yee: thanks darling :) but i guess u really enjoy your life now right? thats good^^

Yee said...

haha ya. i enjoy life now. but who knows i ll be suffering after college? o_o lol. well. i hope u will get a very good results for spanish exam. xD