Aug 1, 2009

Here I am sitting in my cousin's room, thinking what to do while shes getting her shower done.
There are so many people here i just cant imagine myself living with a bunch of people. It looks fun, but I think sometimes I need to have my own time :)

I had my Spanish class just now. There were A LOT of people as well. Why did I meet so many people today? *stupid question*
I gotta catch up a lot of stuff and I cant take the exam that is due on the 22nd :( so it means i cant join this class anymore :( and so it means i wont be in the same class with Kath anymore :( AGHHH its so not funnnn i still wanna be in the same class with the same people and teacher :( Nataliaaaaa~~~~ :( 

I'm getting busy these days with Spanish make-up classes coming up and extra organ classes as well. And my head is also full of debtors lol. PEOPLE RETURN MY MONEY PLEASE! LOL. Otherwise I'm gonna add some interest! Haha.

Hey Monday's song is stuck in my head now.
"..and I can't think of anybody else who I hate to miss, as much as I hate missing you.."



G3r4rd said...

Haha! how's your Spanish and Organ lessons anyways? hope it's doing well :) and aww i hate it when that happens... you got used to that class and then suddenly you get transferred =.= hope it doesn't happen! but anyways.... you made me remember something! that song was stuck in my head as well last time and it was you that popped in my head when i heard that line :S hope we see each other again sooooon!

.:JoaNNa:. said...

oh yea theyre going pretty well haha. yeahh i knoww :(:( oh really? haha awww yeah we'd better do! X)

G3r4rd said...

Haha that's good! and yeaaahhh :( yep! we must! xP This September! haha you still have a Biking lesson with me! xPP

.:JoaNNa:. said...

yeay! XD !~

G3r4rd said...

lol woops! xP my bad haha