Aug 13, 2009

I don't know what to put as a title lol

Yesterday, my day started out pretty well till a friend of mine, a guy, being so honest by telling me in detailed that I'm getting fatter. Well I realized that though but he didnt have to go in details so yeah thanks a lot pal.
My whole 5 minutes was a bit ruined by that but i was surprised that it was only 5 minutes lol. In the past it could ruin my whole day =P so i was telling myself, joanna u changed and u rock. LOL.

After class I met up Ebrahim. Yes, the one from Fairview. He came to follow his dad getting some business done or something. He said I'm getting smaller and shorter =.="" ppl can't get shorter right! Ugh something was wrong with his eyes. So I got 2 different opinions in a day lol. Oh, does that mean that I was jumbo in high school? Kyaaaaa~
After having a chit chat we met up his online friend. They hadnt met before so yeah it was supposed to be like a blind date? But he brought me there and the friend also brought her friend so yeah haha. The girl was pretty sweet and i think they look good together ;) and the girl's friend was pretty cool as well. She got her lips pierced and her hair bright-highlighted but seriously it wasnt her look that made her cool. Her attitude was totally reverse from her appearance. We were sort of connected apparently, so yeay a new friend =P
We had a dinner and watched G.I Joe. Damn the movie was sooo long and I dont really understand what the movie was all about. Lol.
I was sooo tired and sleepy when I got home.

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