Aug 9, 2009

Blazer Fever!

Let me share you guys my pathetic story about blazer..
So few weeks ago I saw a black blazer in Esprit shop in a mall nearby my flat. The shop is especially opened there to sell off their surpluses, so it's always a SALE. I got a cute tiny black umbrella for my mom since she's looking for one. Back to the blazer.., I wanted to get it that day but I just didn't feel like shopping after paying my school and rental fee. I was thinking to come back again and meanwhile I wanted to look around another shops first to see the best bargain offered. And I did window-shopping that day and I thought the Esprit one had the best bargain. I went there today and IT WASN'T THERE ANYMORE! I'M SOOOO MAD. I should've got it that time! ARGH! It's just one of classic stories of mine -.-
So I'm planning to look for one at the little boys' section in department stores. I read that tip on fashion websites :)

I am soooo getting it! I've been wanting it for such a loooong timeee~

Oh it looks so good with torn jeans and heels/boots XDD

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