Jan 19, 2010

Morado, te amo




dress-from china, top-thrift store, necklace-f21, tights-topshop. (thumbs up for messy hair? haha)

Have i mentioned before how much i love purple color? if i havent…

I love purple <3

Despite i heart purple so much i rarely buy clothes in purple.. but somehow these days i keep buying purple stuff! i guess soon i’ll say bye to the monochrome closet ;)

Tomorrow im gonna meet 2 of my study tour friends that I havent met for ages.. im pretty excited :D i wish i could meet the rest though, but we’ve lost contact few months after the tour :/

Oh, talking about old friends.. hmm I got pretty upset yesterday when all of sudden a ‘friend’ from middle school started talking to me on msn. and he was pretty annoying and snobbish as i knew he was. he was acting like really nice whereas his words were nothing but sarcasms. but im over it! haha. i joked back when he gave his sarcastic "jokes" and tried to be a good listener to his "inspiring" stories. so if a person saw our conversation im pretty sure that he/she would think that we were having fun chatting! LOL

till next time!

xoxo, Jo ;)


Elaine said...

You look SO adorable!!! :)


Dylana said...

Super cute jumper!


Claire St Juin said...

That is the cutest outfit ever!

Froso said...

1. Your dress is lovely! 2.Your hair do not look messy in the pictures 3.I am deep in love with your necklace 4.I love purple color too, i mention it on my last blog post, what a coincidence. Kisses!

My Life Is A Mess said...

I love ur purple tights and the way you wore them!
Lovely blog C:

janet said...

that's am adorable outfits! :)
it's seldom to see purple tights! and u've done it ! :)

Miss Woody said...

cut dress !

Krimly said...

love the colour!!


JenniAsh said...

That outfit is really cute.
Love it!
Great thrift store find!

stylestalker said...

very cute dress darling, xo