Jan 12, 2010

Back on the road

I'm back to college this week, which means I'm back to be busy of studying for tests and exams, and no more sleep-when-you-feel-like-sleeping :/
And my health is back yay! That means I'm back eating chocolates and fried foods haha! Just need to remind myself all the time to drink plenty of water :)
Did I say "I'm back" too much?
I think I did haha ok let's just stop here :P

I was supposed to post this yesterday but I was kinda busy so yeah.
Gotta go to prepare for a test tomorrow.
Later! ;)



Froso said...

Oh dear, I am back in college too this week! I am wishing you luck with studying, I find it so hard to start studying, it's sales time in my country! LOL

Krimly said...

I have also exams! I am qhite worried because I used to be a good studens but it looks not any more! I have exams but I dont want to study, it looks like if I dont mind not to pass the exams!

Hope you have a good result in your marks! ;P


Dylana said...

Good luck with school!

Elaine said...

I just started too... Good luck!


audrey said...

good luck for your exams :) do your best^^
i realy love your picture, really pretty necklace^^

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The Freakum Dress said...

I love love love ur necklace, so pretty !!