Jan 22, 2010

Pretty things in life

me n hmsty7 P1190165

                                     -yr 2005-                                                                                -yr 2010-

So 2 days ago I met up with two of my old study tour friends. We had fun catching up and being so loud, just like 5 years ago! The girl in the picture (right hand side) was one of the closest friends during the tour. It’s amazing if I think back again of how 2week-trip could build such a beautiful friendship. She came to Singapore following her parents for a medical purpose and it was a perfect time to have some nostalgic meet-up since we had the study tour in Singapore.

                                                  me n hmsty_hp

Too bad that another close friend is in Canada now :( hope we can meet her by this summer! Back then we were the three musketeers ;)

Btw, this is an off-topic but check this video out!


Isn’t it very inspirational? I love Caitlin Crosby, her songs always motivate me when I feel self-conscious about my appearance. It reminds me that everyone has their own flaws and we just have to embrace them. Flaws make us unique and special, which are not to be ashamed of. Without flaws, we’d be too perfect and being perfect is boooorrring. Imperfect is the new perfect! ;)

xoxo, Jo


janet said...

hey, thanks for ur sweet comment :)
I'm going to sunway college. hehe
u were in KL before? cool ~ hehe which school did u go?

Elaine said...

That's awesome you got to meet up with your old friends! Isn't it crazy how time flies?


Jezebel said...

Thats such a cool video, I love that post!
Glad you had fun with your friends :)
I'm gonna try to take some pics like that slideshow! Haha xx Bonnie

Claire St Juin said...

nice post... sorry for my ignorance, what's a study tour?

MyStrawberryCocktail said...

love your blog, so cute style!

janet said...

ohh.. cool! :)
when was it?
I'm taking graphic & multimedia design

Froso said...

Lovely post, it feels so good to meet old friends! Kisses!

anna bu said...

yap caitlin is great! cool video! :)