Jan 15, 2010

Indifference curve




plaid shirt-triset, camisole-mom's, necklace-f21, shorts-cotton on, booties-new look

I got a new pair of booties. So excited!
They just look normal but the thing that makes me most satisfied is that they're super comfortable to wear, which I didn't expect at all. since it's hard for me to get comfortable shoes.. and the price was within my budget :D
I got them discounted because my friend lent me his membership card hahaa (soooo thankful)!
So when I got home I straightaway took some pictures wearing them without changing my outfit :P and before I was wearing sneakers haha. Please don’t mind my short fat legs and the messy room. LOL

Have a great weekend!

xoxo, Jo


Claire St Juin said...

Hahah a comment about your short fat legs... joke of the week! Only a 54kg chinese girl can say she's got short fat legs and make me laugh that hard!!! you're gorgeous girl, and everyone will only see it when you ooze it ;-)

audrey said...

you're welcome, thank you very much for your comment :)
yes all her makeup are very gorgeous :)

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