Jan 7, 2010

Pale on Red

Today I had my first music class in 2010. I showed my teacher the results of last exam. She glanced through and said they were pretty good. She paused for a second at 'Sight Reading' result and said "(You're) lucky". I don't know if she really thinks that I so suck at it so I'm just very lucky to have that score. Well, I failed once and I believe that I passed this time not simply because of luck.

Yesterday I went to the doctor (again) and when I was at the train station an old man suddenly called me and asked whether I could help him to buy a one-way ticket. It was like $2.60 and he didnt have enough money (he said). I gave all coins that I had (I was in a hurry) but they werent enough still. He said it's alright and as I was leaving I said
"Thank you"
It wasn't a sarcasm (since he only said sorry) but I get used to say thanks after opening my purse, assumed that a transaction has been done. It's funny when I think back about it again haha :P

I'm still not fully recovered yet, it's been a week since New Year's Eve :/ Two doctors seen, tons of medicines and remedies taken, why won't they work as they're supposed to? Hope the fever/flu go away before I go back to college. I don't like taking medications, antibiotics make me sick. Pray for me <3


Claire St Juin said...

Eeek yup I've done my fair share of music exams, you never ever pass them by luck!

Haha I don't know when I'll be back in Singapore, I would like to visit soon though... Just need to fill up that piggy bank with coins first though!

Good luck back at college, get better first though ;-)

NBeteck said...

lovely angle taking those pictures =]. And I like your scarf too!

Dylana said...

Funny little story!



knalleffekt said...

i like your story.

the second pic looks great

Nubiasnonsense said...

Red is such a great color with the right contrast. Very cute =)

Elaine said...

Hahahah, I thought your old man and your Thank you comment was funny!!! You should watch Brian Regan. He is a comedian and he talks about our innate nature to say things like Good luck or Take Care!


Lilee said...


Kitsch said...

You are so cute :) Great girl. Love your blog.

Have a great day.

Dylana said...

Love the scarf!


Graham I. Haynes said...

I do hope you recover soon. Well let's see, it's actually been 5 days since your post. So maybe you're well by now?

I completely relate to the automatic "Thank you" statement. I do that all the time, saying "sorry" or "see you later" when it's not appropriate at all. haha