Jan 17, 2010

Lots of learning going on…

PC040003 PC040009

PC040011 PC040015

PC100005 PC040001 PC040007 PC040006


These show how much I paid attention in Human Resource class last year. Very focused, indeed. (haha!) I realized these doodles when I went through the book to do the assignment. Some of them look sort of emo, i think because i was not in a very happy mood. And guess what? I did all of these in front of the lecturer as i always sit at the first row lol. Didnt he see it, you may ask. Wellll to him as long as he’s not interrupted by noisy students while lecturing, he seems to be in his own HR fantasy world. :D

I only doodle in his class because it’s always B-----!! (fill in the blank) haha. However, it was 2009, as the year changes its digits I’m trying my best to be a better student :) But anyways, who doesnt love doodling? lol

I’ll save this little hobby for a long break after the exam. By then I will be drawing better sketches rather than messy doodles :D

Btw, here's a list of what I'm excited at the moment.

  1. In my spanish class we're learning the vocabs of wardrobe and conversations about shopping! (2 of my favorite things in one go)
  2. More shopping next week!
  3. The fact that chinese new year is coming which means that im going back soon!
  4. I did my test pretty well few days ago ;)
  5. No more assignments! *kneels down, hands on the chest*

xoxo, Jo


Giovanna ♥ said...

These are lovely drawings! Happy New Year to you :)

Dylana said...

Cute little sketches! Love them!


Elaine said...

LOL! I do that too... But yours are so much better!