Jan 2, 2010

Be better

I still can't believe that it's already 2010, time really goes by so fast.
Hmm..let's see what my new year's resolutions are.

  • Practicing the electone more --> to pass the fundamental exam --> to complete the whole grade 5!
  • Studying harder --> to complete the last term of Adv. Diploma with distinctions!
  • To think and take things more positively
  • Controlling my expenses better
  • Exercising more!
  • Making my parents happy always
  • Be closer to God
  • Minimizing my bad sides and maximizing the good ones
So what are yours?

I hope that in 2010 there will be less disease outbreaks, less shocking deaths, less natural disasters and more peace, better environment (stop global warming!), more economic upturn.



anna bu said...

sounds good! hope 2010 is gonna be your year


Natalie said...

ur resolutions are great! wish u the best this year! :)



Dylana said...

Lovely blog!


chaoskontrolowany said...

Great post! Happy New Year ;))

AVY said...

Well, if everyone was this optimistic there would be no troubles on earth. Keep it up.

Nubiasnonsense said...

Nice resolutions! goodluck <3