Nov 16, 2009

Estoy buscando a lengua

That facebook personality is apparently true.
I tend to hide my emotions, i dont show my true feelings although i want to.
Maybe i dont know how to show it?
or i dont want other people to know?
I'm such a weirdo.

And the result is killing me inside.
I wish there was some language to translate it,
coz i cant seem to find any.


Yee said...

mmm. well. not only you. i am the type as well. i also dun always express myself in facebook. its because i dun like other ppl to know abt me or something. o_O so u r not weirdo. :) just like a person who needs privacy and doesnt like to "expose" too much. xD

.:JoaNNa:. said...

thanks :) high5? lol. actually its not about fb or something, sometimes i dont mind to share it but its just i dont even know how to express the things i wanna say. personality problem, ha.