Nov 5, 2009

Solid outside, crumbling inside

I miss having a best friend who shares the same thoughts, who can make every moment precious, a person who would hang out with me every weekend, who can make me feel weird if she/he isn't around, a person that wouldnt make me feel insecure to share secrets to, a person that i always have topics to talk about, a person who becomes a part of me.
I had several before.
I just wish that I could spend more time with them when we had the chances.
I wish that I knew them earlier.
We never knew how it would be so much different without them after we were separated.
It's weird that i actually made good friends with those that i only spent short time with.
So i guess the period of friendships cant tell the actual value?



I need to go back to classes.
On breaks and holidays i start to think stuff that i avoid to think when im busy.
It makes me emo.
(no cutting)

Music keeps me alive.

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