Nov 21, 2009

La manzana

Yesterday's spanish class was TOUGH. The whole session was conversation practice.
After the class was canceled twice in a row for the last 2 weeks, we forgot a lot of stuff!
And guess what, Natalia was still away and there was this teacher replacing her.
He spoke like those people in videos, damn fast! and using lots of difficult words.
After he said something all of us were like, uh....huh? *blinkblink* with thousands of question marks on our heads.
I felt so stupid and embarrassed :(
And his english wasnt that good so we didnt really get his explanation. GAHHH.

One funny thing happened.
Javier (the teacher) was acting as a shop assistant and all of us were the customers.
My classmate was supposed to transact a computer.
The conversation went something like this.

J: Buenos dias, te puedo ayudar? (good morning, can i help u?)
C: Buenos dias, quiero comprar un ordenador (good morning, i wanna buy a computer)
J: Que tipo? (what type?)
C: Manzana


I knew it was a fruit, i was thinking of 'banana' then the other classmate was like 'yellow'?
Then Kath got cracked.
It's apple!
LOL. THEN i remembered it was 'apple'.
So it's the Apple brand. LMAO.
All of us laughed so hard. HAHA.

Info : Spanish still say it as Apple :P

After the class was over we were like, FEWH! That was tiring!
We got many new words though. in whole 2 hours.

Btw I've just got the new album of Kris Allen's! :D

Wish it included the lyrics together :/

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