Nov 29, 2009

Feliz cumple Diego!

You may not know me.
But I'm glad that I know you.

When I listen to your music, it revives me.

When I see your smile, it makes me smile too.

You live in L.A,

I live in a country far far away.
When you're about to sleep at night,

I wake up coz the sun shines too bright.

I'm invisible amongst your fans,

but I'm the one who understand you by sense.

On this very fine day,
I just wanna wish a very happy birthday,
to someone I have always adored for years,

that just by looking at him at the screen is all that matters.

I support for everything that you do,
coz I know a bright future is waiting ahead of you.

If one day I get to see you in person,

don't get panicked when you see me fainted.

I would cry for joys,

and hope the time will stop for the precious moment.

When that time comes,

I hope I will no longer speak broken spanish,

as my life is replenished.

Remember that there's always a fan out there in a different part of the world,
who always thinks you're the best.
I love you, Diego,
and it shall never ever change.

- Joanna :)

P.S One day I'd write this in spanish :P

Woops! My penguin knows me too well! :D

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